Document binding / Metalbind System / How to bind a document with the METALBIND system using the ATLAS 300 machine




Use the scale to measure the thickness of the document without covers.
Insert the channel into the binding slot. Make sure that the straight wall of the channel faces you.
Move A4 channel max to the right, shorter channels centre in the slot.
Move the handle max to the right.
Put the pages between covers and even them.
Put the document into the channel (back cover must face you). A4 size move max to the right, smaller formats center in the slot.
Then press the arm down.
Move the handle to the left to take out the document.



Put the document on the machine (face down).

Lift the arm up. Open the document a few pages away from the back cover.

Fit the right end of the wedge in the right hook.

Move the left end of the wedge over the left hook and fit it there.

Move handle to the right, arm down, arm up.

Repeat for several times (5-7) till the channel is opened.          

Move the handle to the left and the arm up.


Your document is now unbound!