Document binding / Wire and Plastic System / Supplies

Use OPUS transparent film as your front cover when you want the first page to be visible. Also available in A3 format.

It is our response to the demand for a nice cover at a low price.


The name of the covers describes the best the look of your document after being bound into EXCLUSIVE glossy cardboard. We offer the whole range of colours.




Very elegant cardboard covers, imitation of leather available in many colours. They make documents look very professional.



Semi transparent or black polipropylene covers.


Hard covers with exclusive design for binding documents by plastic and wire combs.
Very elegant hard covers in silver, metallic colour for binding documents by plastic and wire combs.
Colours: white, blue, black.
Colours: white, red, blue, black, green.
The O.SLIDE OVAL are flexible, plastic trays in which you can manually insert (bind) a sheets of paper. The OVAL version has a rounded edge. Available in colors: white, blue, red and black.
Wire combs 3:1". Colours: white, black, red, blue and silver.
PVC combs. Colours: white, red, blue, yellow, black, green, grey, brown.
Wire combs 3:1" on spool. Colour: white, silver, black
Spiral combs A4 format. Available colours: white and black.
Hangers for calendars: 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm. Colours available: white, silver and black