Document binding / Wire and Plastic System / How to do it?

The system of binding the documents using plastic or wire combs is the most popular and wide-spread way of binding. In this way you can bind up to 500 pages in the format of a small note book up to A3 size. The documents bound this way are very handy as it is possible to place them flat-opened on the table. It is easy to make a Xerox copy of such document. You can update the document any time you wish by opening the plastic comb and adding or removing the pages. When you remove the wire comb to update your document you have to put a new one

  Punch the pages and the covers. Pages with such holes may be bound in the plastic combs, wire combs or in snap claps.
  Take a plastic comb of a proper size and needed colour, open it using the binding machine, then put on it the pages and the covers. After releasing the plastic combs binding hooks the document is ready.
  While binding the document with a wire comb the pages must be put on the wire manually and the wire is to be closed in a special slot for pressing the wire combs. Such slots are the part of OPUS wire binding machines.



at the office:

commercial offers, advertising materials, price lists, documents for the meetings and conferences, reports, plans, manuals, invoices, employees' documents, procedures, files, specifications, press articles, magazines, folders, books.

at school:
MA, PhD Dissertations, Bachelors Thesis, school compositions, magazines, learning adds of all kind (possibly laminated).

at home:
laminated cooking recipes, press articles, slightly damaged books, manuals, pages printed on the ink jet printer, favourite magazines.