Document binding / Wire and Plastic System / Manual binding

Sliding claps and snap claps are suggested ways of binding the documents manually. The basic advantage of such a way of binding is the possibility of adding or removing the pages without the help of any machine. The documentation may be updated in a matter of seconds.

Slide.gif    Sliding claps - these are flexible, plastic trough-like element into which we can manually slide several pages forming a documentation. White, blue, red, black, green.


    Snap claps - used for binding in a simple way the pile of pages with formerly prepared slots. We may use any binding machine to make slots in the documentation and then close it inside the snap clap. White, blue, red and black.   

The document and the cover ready to be bound.

Sliding the document into the sliding clap with the help of a tool for opening its edges.

Ready document bound in the sliding clap.


   A simple tool for opening the sliding claps.


Punched pages and the covers ready to be bound.

Put the document on the "teeth" of the clap.

Close the clap by pressing the edges together.

    In some cases you need bind some pages permanently so that they cannot be removed from the file. Then you can use the professional stapler.