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OPUS the Company and its brand was established in 1990. The owners saw an opportunity to open there own company due to the change in the economic situation in Poland. They chose to deal in office supplies and equipment, planning to introduce them into the Polish market. The task was not an easy one, as binding, laminating systems, trimmers and cutters for company documents were not popular in those times.

Main objectives of OPUS:

  • To create the sales network based on the dealers and some of their own shops.
  • Developing and manufacturing their own products and supplies.
  • Introducing the OPUS brand in the market in Europe and other countries.
  • Creating and designing new products and systems for binding documents.

OPUS in 1994 was proud of its high position on the Central European market, being one of the biggest manufacturers of office binding equipment and supplies. For years OPUS was the only Polish brand present on the European market. OPUS is also the sole representative in Poland for IDEAL, one of Germany’s largest office equipment companies, which produces cutters, trimmers and shredders. In December 1999 OPUS successfully received a ISO 9001 certificate for quality and production standards.
OPUS employs over 200 people, and reaches its client through one of the biggest dealer networks worldwide, plus its subsidiaries in Prague and Kiev with the OPUS brand.
OPUS, after twenty years of being on the market and still growing, the management and employees are proud of its leading position with the OPUS brand, in the worldwide market today.
This is being achieved by great teamwork from all its staff and there high standards and ethics towards their clients, ensuring their satisfaction.

Important events in the on going history of OPUS:

1990:   December:   OPUS was established.
March:         OPUS exhibited on its first fair, with its first advertising campaign.
            April:           The beginning of co-operation with dealers in other regions of Poland.
            November:  First exclusive 1 year contract with, TAH HSIN, CORP a Taiwanese manufacturer of binding machines.
May:            The beginning of co-operation with IBICO of Switzerland and IDEAL in Germany.
            August:        Offered complete full colour marketing materials, The first on the Polish market for office equipment.
            September: The first OPUS branches in Katowice and Kraków.

The establishment of other brunches all over Poland.

1994:   February:    The cooperation with the first wholesale "cash & carry" firm.
            May:            An exclusive contract with IBICO of Switzerland to distribute their products on the Polish market.

1995:   January:      An exclusive contract with IDEAL Germany to distribute their products on the Polish market.
            February:     The beginning of production for our laminating pouches.
1996:   February:     Establishing a information office in the Ukraine.
1997:   March:         Beginning the production of Metalbind channels and covers .
            September: The first exhibition on the fair in Ukraine, combined with the foundation of the subsidiary in Kiev.
            October:      The decision to interduce and implement the ISO system.
1998:   December:  The beginning of the production of the thermal covers.
1999:   March:         A complete new offer under the OPUS brand, was being introduced.
            October:      The first exhibition in the Czech Republic, combined with a new subsidiary in Prague.
            November:  The beginning of production for the first OPUS C-binding machine and the first product
                                 designed and produced by OPUS, the hard thermal covers.
2000:   January:      The first exhibition in Frankfurt am main at, Paperworld.
2001:   February:     The beginning of distribution of printer cartridges produced by Peach a Swiss company.
            March:         The introduction of the OPUS DUO 500 thermo binding equipment on to the market. It was awarded the
                                 Premiere 2001 medal for "New Product of the Year 2001 - Polish products" category.

            November:   Finishing the project of creating and developing a new binding systems, called "Metalbind","Terbind"
                                 and "Goldcover" (hot print stamping).
Plus the submitting of the patent applications to the patent office.
2002:   January:       Introducing the OPUS branded hard copy supplies into the catalogue.
2003:   May:             Purchasing the new headquarters building and manufacturing industrial units in Gliwice
                                 moving the production and Headquarters to our own buildings.
2004:   March:         Getting the patent and introducing the new Coverguide system and the accessories used for the new Metalbind system.
            September:  Introducing a new product, decorative CD covers onto the market.
2005:   April:            Winning the Golden Medal of Poligrafia 2005 at the International Fair for the innovative, binding and
                                 hot print stamping equipment called ATLAS 300 IMAGE.

            November:   Achieving the European patent for the Metalbind system.
            December:   The 15th anniversary of the founding of OPUS.
2006:   January:       Exceeding 50 countries where OPUS brand of products are exported.
2007:   May:             After getting the patent, the launch of the biggest machine produced by Opus.
                                 The professional hot print stamping machine MASTERPRESS 01.
            October:       Start to rebuild the B2 multi storage warehouse, and refurbish the Customer Service department.
2008:   May:             Opus exhibits for the first time at the most important international trade fair, the DRUPA 2009 Dusseldorf.
2009:   January:       Adding the new Photo Books and materials into the catalogue.
            April:            Receiving another Golden Medal of Poligrafia at the International Fair of 2009 for the OPUS MASTERPRESS 01 and
                                 receiving the Acanthus Aureus statuette for the best designed stand and for presenting the best corporate marketing strategy.
2010:   October:       The first issue of the "STREFA BIURA” (Office News) jubilee newspaper published over 100000 copies.
2011:   February:      Acquiring the patent for the method, equipment and components for customizing covers, spines within the MetalBind system
                                 and the o.pouch covers and its concept.
Applying for the patent for the easiest binding method called o.easyRING
           September:   Establishing a distridutor in the USA and Mexico.   


OPUS Sp. z o. o. located in Gliwice
44-122 Gliwice, ul. Toruńska 8
Registered in the District Court in Gliwice under No.: 0000157230, 
(Tax Identification Number): 631-00-14-755
Share capital: 460,000.00 PLN


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